You’ve created folders and added assets to folders. You may have added images, forms, landing pages, marketing journeys, or emails to help keep you organized but where are they really? To view the assets in a folder follow these steps.

  1. To access your folders you will start by clicking on the “Components” tab of your navigation sidebar. The tab will create a drop-down list with the following choices: 

     a. “Forms
     b. “Media Library”
     c. “Landing Pages”
     d. “Folders"
     e. “Custom Links”

2. Once you are on the Folders page, you will be able to see the list of Folders you have.
3. To view the content of a specific folder, click on the name of the folder. This will show you all the assets within that folder
4. To view if there are any subfolders, click on the folder icon directly next to the name of the folder.
5. This will show you the contents of the folder and if there are any other subfolders. 

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